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10 Top Miami Spice Brunch Menus

It’s no secret that people in Miami love a good brunch, and the meal during Miami Spice is especially enjoyable, because while it might not include bottomless drinks, it still helps with the bottom line at just $28 per person for a three-course meal. Here are the 10 restaurants around town offering brunch in 2021…


Five reasons Miami buyers should consider a condo

Miami residential real estate enjoyed an unexpected surge from U.S. buyers last year, thanks in large part to residents from other parts of the country fleeing high taxes, rising living costs, and onerous COVID restrictions. The pandemic fast-forwarded our ability to work virtually, and thousands of buyers realized they could live in South Florida while…


The Best Ways To Visit Miami In 2021

Like many destinations throughout the pandemic, Miami has undergone a total cultural redefinition—the difference is that Miami resurfaced all the better. From real estate (with new tenants including the Kushner-Trumps and Brady-Bündchens) to resort renovations (like Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross’ W South Beach), the city is hot in more ways than one. Once known…